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Headquartered in peaceful Dayton, Minnesota, Decimis is dedicated to helping businesses grow and compete on a global scale with custom website and app development services.

Since Decimis was founded in St. Paul in 2014, we have a proven track record of delivering top-quality results to our clients. Most recently we’ve completed successful projects with Field Nation, SPS Commerce, and the MN Knights of Columbus.

Our team members have broad tech industry experience ranging from startups and small businesses, up to international corporations and everything in-between. We can help you with the entire website, marketing, and custom software service stack. We've built hundreds of websites and apps over the last decade and are excited to share that expertise with you and your staff!

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- Matthew Vogel, President

John Piché - Broker/REALTOR®, Piché and Associates

"Highly recommended"

"It was a pleasure working with a company that is completely focused on its client's needs. We would highly recommend Decimis Inc."

- John Piché, Broker/REALTOR®, Piché and Associates

At a glance

Since Decimis was founded in 2014, our team has developed over 150 marketing websites, 20 eCommerce websites, and 10 apps.

Approximately half of the websites we've developed have been brand new, with the other half involving overhauls and updates of existing digital properties. We love helping businesses with both of these tasks - check out our new website making process to learn more about what the process looks like.

Do you have an app idea? All the apps we've created have been greenfield (built from scratch without pre-existing assets), and have included full platform architectures with backend infrastructure, databases, and API's; as well as frontend web and native client apps. We can build you an MVP of your idea, and help you scale and build it to completion!

Kristin Theis, St. Patrick Church

"I can't say enough good things"

"I am really happy with the outstanding service provided by Decimis. Matthew is very professional and responsive. He listens to our ideas and provides valuable feedback that has made our website more attractive and user-friendly. I can’t say enough good things about Decimis and Matthew – definitely a pleasure to work with them!"

- Kristin Theis, St. Patrick Church

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